Saturday, December 3, 2016

PVT Emilio Moreno Jr

courtesy of Des Philippet
PVT Emilio Moreno Jr. was born 31 Jul 1918 in Ademuz, Spain. He was the eldest of the 2 sons born to Emilio and Inez Ontala (Gomar) Moreno. Both parents were also natives of Spain. The younger Emilio immigrated in 1934 and after attending school worked, as his father did, as a toolmaker in the Stanley works in New Britain, Connecticut. The family lived at 164 Washington Street in New Britain. His mother died in 1937. Emilio was working for Argus Engineering in 1940. Emilio took the oath of citizenship on 30 Nov 1943.

Drafted in March 1944, Emilio was sent to Europe after completing his basic infantry training. He was transferred from the replacement depot to G Company 116th Infantry on 29 Oct 1944. He suffered a non-battle injury on 14 Nov 1944 and it was serious enough to be evacuated to hospital. He returned to the unit from the replacement depot on 29 Nov 1944. PVT Moreno was killed in action on 3 Dec 1944.

PVT Moreno rests forever in the Netherlands American Cemetery.

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