Monday, December 5, 2016

SGT Mike Perales Sanchez

courtesy of Des Philippet
SGT Mike Perales Sanchez was born on 22 Nov 1923 in Argus, California. He was one of about 12 children born to Antonio Carlo Martinez and Julia (Perales) Sanchez. His parents had come to the U.S. from Mexico in 1911 and 1920 respectively. Julia brought their daughters Dolores and Inez with her. The family soon moved from Texas to California like many others at the time and at least for some years worked as migrant laborers. However, they eventually put down roots in Fresno County and lived in Firebaugh, California which, almost 100 years later, is still surrounded by extensive farms. Mike grew up doing farm work and was still doing that work in 1940.

Mike was drafted in late December 1943. Sent to Europe in late August 1944 that PVT Sanchez was transferred from the replacement depot to C Company 116th Infantry on 5 Sep 1944 to serve as a rifleman. He must have earned the trust of his superiors because he was promoted directly to SGT, to serve as a squad leader, on 28 Oct 1944. He had fought at Brest, Aachen, Baesweiler, Setterich and Koslar when he was killed in action in fighting near Julich, Germany on 5 Dec 1944.

SGT Sanchez is buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery.

Note: Mike's family was very difficult to sort out. A combination of poor record keeping in the past and the family's low economic status when they entered the country likely contributed to this. So too did some confusing family trees done by other unknown genealogists. We think that this is the story of Mike and his family and if any reader has contradicting documentation we ask that they please share it with us so that Mike and his family's sacrifice for us is not distorted.

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