Saturday, December 3, 2016

TSGT Robert W. Andrews

TSGT Robert W. Andrews was born in February 1918 in Illinois to Henry William and Lydia Maria Sophia (Ellinghausen) Andrews.  His father worked as a carpenter and so was Robert in 1940.  The family was thus able to have an income of over $3300 in 1939.

Robert was drafted in June 1941.  We do not know to what other units he had been assigned but he was a SGT when transferred from the replacement depot to L Company 116th Infantry on 3 Sep 1944.  The morning report notes his promotion to SSG on 1 Nov 1944 and he was a TSGT when killed in action on 3 Dec 1944.  I should note that it appears that it is believed he was killed by a sniper.  We can not confirm that. 

TSGT Andrews is buried in Trivoli Cemetery in Trivoli, Illinois.

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