Friday, October 12, 2018

PVT Harry Jackson Bryant

Harry is shown on the viewer's right, with unknown Sergeant
PVT Harry Jackson Bryant was born 14 Sep 1898 in Madison Heights, Virginia, the 5th of 11 children born to Walter Milton and Alice Elizabeth (Chenault) Bryant. His father worked at an iron pipe works and as a car inspector for a railroad.

After entering the service, Harry was assigned to B Company 116th Infantry. He trained with the unit at Camp McClellan and was transported to France with them aboard the USS Finland.  The unit arrived in France in late June 1918 and after undergoing some more training was transitioned into service in the trenches.  PVT Bryant was wounded and later died of his wound(s) on 12 Oct 1918.

PVT Bryant was repatriated and re-interred in Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia.

LTC Hierome Opie, when writing the history of the regiment in the great war, confused Harry Jackson Bryant of B Company with Henry Jeff Bryant of K Company and listed Harry as dying while serving with K Company.  This is not correct, Harry did serve with B Company.  PFC Henry Jeff Bryant went home with K Company in March 1919, married (twice) and had at least one son. 

Harry had one brother, Bernard Homer Bryant, who served in the Army 1917-1919.

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