Monday, June 1, 2015


Welcome to the 116th Infantry Regiment Roll of Honor. We hope to honor as many veterans of the 116th Infantry Regiment (The Stonewall Brigade) as possible, especially those who gave their lives for their country and tell their life stories. Who knows what we might discover.

Just a couple of notes.
- Each company will have a label.  You will be able to click on that label or choose that company from the gadget (when it is set up) to see all the soldiers from a particular company.  WWI and WWII Companies were organized similarly and so those soldiers will be shown together.  Separate labels will be provided for soldiers from other eras.
- Soldiers will be posted on the day of the year on which they died.  So, if you go to a particular date you will see all the soldiers who died on that date.  Hopefully there will be some dates on which no soldiers died and we will post general informational posts on those dates.
- Because Blogger doesn't allow posting dates prior to 1970 we've had to adopt the following protocol for posting dates. War of 1812 and earlier soldiers will be posted on the 200th anniversary of their death. Civil War soldiers will be posted on the 150th anniversary of their death. Spanish American and WW1 soldiers will be posted on the 100th anniversary of their death. WW2 soldiers will be posted on the 72nd anniversary of their death. Soldiers and veterans who died after 1970 will be posted on the date of their death.
- We try to include as a minimum the following: date and place of birth, parents' names, date service began, unit of assignment (to include other than the 116th), date of death, and place of burial.  We like to include a bit of information on the family, including other family members who served (including when and with what units), employment, and so forth.  Not all information is available for all soldiers so we are hoping that some information will be forthcoming from family members.

- Airborne in Normandy, Omaha Beach Cemetery

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