Sunday, July 31, 2016

PFC William Howard Byers

PFC William Howard Byers was born n 1916 in Washington, D. C. to John Garfield and Mollie Ann (Wade) Byers.  The third child of his father and his first wife, William had a total of 7 siblings.  His father was from North Carolina and worked as a carpenter in the district as did William..  His mother died in 1933.  His brother, George Harden Byers, also served in the Army during the war.

PFC Byers was assigned to L Company 116th Infantry on D-Day and apparently wounded on 22 Jun 1944.  He went to hospital, was dropped from the rolls and then returned to the unit on 25 Jul 1944.  William was promoted to PFC on 26 Jul 1944.  He was killed in action on 31 Jul 1944.  PFC Byers rests forever in the Normandy American Cemetery

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