Friday, July 6, 2018

PVT Howard Francis Doucette

PVT Howard Francis Doucette was born 25 Jul 1899 in Somerville, Massachusetts to William James and Clara Flora (Warner) Doucette.  His father was a house painter who died in 1907 of kidney disease. After his father's death, his mother worked as a chambermaid in the college dorms and as a domestic/house servant.

It would seem that there is some confusion about Howard's service.  He apparently served with the 104th Infantry, 26th Division and may have enlisted with that unit at the onset of the war because it was local to his residence.  PVT Doucette was killed in action on 6 Jul 1918.

PVT Doucette is buried in Aisne-Marne American Cemetery.  Brothers, William Clyde Doucette and Arthur Frederick Doucette, also served in the Army during the war. 

PVT Doucette is listed here because he was reported by then MAJ Hierome Opie in the "official" history of the regiment in the war as dying in service with the regiment.  However, there are no other records found to date that indicate that he was assigned to any other unit than E Company 104th Infantry. 

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