Wednesday, March 1, 2017

PVT Saul G. Sloane

courtesy of PIN
PVT Saul G. Sloane was born 3 Sep 1915 in Massachusetts probably somewhere in the Boston area. He was the 2nd of the 3 children born to Joseph and Sarah (Simcovitch) Sloane. His father was a native of Minsk, now Belarus and his mother from Poland what they had in common was their Jewish roots and spoke in Yiddish. His father worked as a salesman selling shoes in the Boston area and then tires in the area of Montebello, California where they family moved before 1930. Saul attended 3-years of college before he married Bertha Garber, a California native, in 1938 and the couple lived at 3415½ Vineyard Street  just off West Jefferson Boulevard in Los Angeles. Saul worked as a mail carrier and Bertha at a retail sewing station (presumably as a seamstress) earning a 1939 income of $2000 and $540 respectively. That was a pretty good income for the time and the couple paid $35 a month rent for their home.

Saul was drafted in October 1943. After his military training he was sent to Europe and transferred from the replacement depot to I Company 116th Infantry on 7 Aug 1944. Having already attained the rank of T5, there was apparently a need to cross-level him and he was transferred to L Company 116th Infantry on 11 Aug 1944.  T5 Sloane fought with the unit until he was briefly captured on 29 Aug 1944 in the attack to liberate Brest but returned to duty after the Germans surrendered. He was injured and evacuated to hospital on 22 Sep 1944. T5 Sloane did not return to the unit until 22 Dec 1944 when he was reassigned as a rifleman. He then fought with the unit until killed in action in the vicinity of Monchengladbach, Germany on 1 Mar 1945.

T5 Sloane was repatriated in 1949 and re-interred in the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California.

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