Monday, July 4, 2016

T5 Ignazio Antonio Trapani

courtesy of Woose
T5 Ignazio Antonio Trapani was born in Lloyd, New York on 11 Sep 1919. He was the first born of Antonio and Rosa (Ficarotta) Trapani's 4 children. His father was a native of Italy and his mother was a first generation American. The family farmed along Vineyard Avenue in Lloyd, New York. They later moved to Buckner's Corner Road in Plattekill, New York. Ignazio left high school after 2-years. Ignazio''s father still farmed but Ignazio was working as a truck driver, earning $120 in 8-weeks work in 1939. Ignazio was unemployed when he registered for the draft in October 1940.

Ignazio was drafted in February 1942 and trained first at Camp Upton, New York.  He was reported as being in England in July 1943 and assigned to an MP unit. Apparently trained as a medic, he was reassigned to Medical Detachment 116th Infantry and attached to L Company 116th Infantry prior to the amphibious landing on 6 Jun 1944. Ignazio married Olivia May Whear of Plymouth, England in Devon in early 1944. He participated in the D-Day landing and served the soldiers of L Company in the fighting that preceded the liberation of Saint-Lo, France. T5 Trapani was killed in action on 4 Jul 1944 when he was shot in the back likely while trying to help a fellow soldier. Although we have yet to find the citation, it seems that he was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions at the time of his death. 

T5 Trapani rests forever in the Normandy American Cemetery

Ignazio's son Anthony was born 4-months after his death. Olivia moved with their son to Lloyd, New York in March 1946 and apparently lived with the Trapani family for several years. She did not remarry until 1962.  Ignazio's son served in the U.S. Navy. Ignazio's brother, Constancio Trapani, served as a SSG in India in support of U.S. Army Air Force operation in the Chinese Burma India theater.

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