Monday, July 11, 2016

PVT Lacy Cleaveland Allen

PVT Lacy Cleaveland Allen (35441032) - b. 11 Jun 1921 - d. 11 Jul 1944. The photo is from "WWII Young American Patriots". Born in Summers County, WV to Grover Cleveland and Sarah Augusta (Lusher) Allen, Lacy was working as "farm help" in 1940 and in the oil business in the Kanawah Valley before enlisting 13 Aug 1942. Lacy was apparently a replacement assigned to the Regiment after the landing on 13 Jun first with HQ 3-116th and then to Easy Company with which he was serving when killed. Lacy had 4 brothers but it appears that only his younger brother, Ira, served, enlisting after VJ-Day. Lacy was unmarried and had no children. He rests forever in the Normandy American Cemetery.

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