Monday, July 11, 2016

PVT Thomas S. Rapoza

courtesy of Frogman
PVT Thomas S. Rapoza was born in 1925 in Fall River, Massachusetts. He was the 7th of 8 children born to Joseph and Elvira (Simbro) Rapoza. His parents were natives of the Azores. His father worked in a cotton mill as did all the family members older than 15 years of age. The family lived at 107 William Street in Fall River. The family reported a total household income of $3600 in 1939 for 6 workers. They were paying $20 a month rent.

Thomas was working in furniture manufacture when drafted in November 1943. After his basic military training he was sent to the European theater. PVT Rapoza was transferred from the replacement depot to B Company 116th Infantry on 5 Jul 1944. He was killed in action on 11 Jul 1944.

PVT Rapoza rests forever in the Normandy American Cemetery.

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