Friday, July 1, 2016

SGT Donald Roy McNabb

SGT Donald Roy McNabb was born 1 Oct 1925 in Powell County, Kentucky. It is unclear who is father was but we know that he went to live with his uncle, George Oscar McNabb, after his father died and his mother re-married and also apparently died. George owned and ran a general store in Clark County, Kentucky, near Winchester.

Donald was working as a driver when he was drafted in May 1943. After his initial training he was sent to England and assigned to C Company 116th Infantry. He trained with that unit for the amphibious landing on the French coast that was to be a part of the invasion of occupied Europe. He participated in the landings on D-Day, 6 Jun 1944. He was promoted to SGT on 21 Jun 1944. On 1 Jul 1944 he was wounded and died of his wound(s) that same day.

SGT McNabb rests forever in the Normandy American Cemetery.

Uncle, George Oscar McNabb, with whom Donald lived for a time after his father's death, was a veteran of WWI.

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