Saturday, February 25, 2017

PFC Homer C. Cooper

PFC Homer C Cooper was born 7 Oct 1919 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania to William Joseph and Esther (Bennett) Cooper.  William was variously a baker, an inspector in a steel mill and crane operator. 

Homer was drafted in August 1942.  He was eventually assigned to F Company 116th Infantry on 14 Aug 1944.  He was a non-battle casualty on 12 Sep 1944 and sent to hospital.  He was sent direct from the hospital to B Company 116th Infantry on 19 Sep 1944.  On 9 Nov 1944 he was back in the hospital, again an non-battle casualty.  On 26 Jan 1945 he was back to B Company, this time from the replacement depot.  He was killed in action on 25 Feb 1945.

PFC Cooper was returned to the U.S. and buried in Grafton National Cemetery in Grafton, West Virginia.  This was likely chosen because it was close to the family and they wouldn't have to purchase a plot in the national cemetery. 

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