Monday, June 6, 2016

PFC Noel Oakley Price

PFC Noel Oakley Price was born 13 Jun 1915 in Appomattox County, Virginia. He was the 4th of the 8 children born to Oscar William and Lillie Mae (Baldwin) Price. His father first farmed in Charlotte County, Virginia then worked at a saw mill in Appomattox County before going to work for the Works Projects Admininstration on highway construction reporting a 1939 income of $300. Noel was working as a carpenter for the Burruss Land and Lumber Company in 1940 and reported a 1939 income of $624 which no doubt was a big help in supporting the 5 family members then in the household. Noel had only completed grammar school.

Noel was drafted in May 1941 and like other draftees of that period was sent to a regional training center. For him this was Fort Meade, Maryland and he was then assigned to A Company 116th Infantry. He trained with the unit there, in the Carolina Maneuvers and at Camp Blanding, Florida before being sent to England aboard the Queen Mary. In England the unit trained for the amphibious landing that was to be part of the invasion of Nazi occupied Europe. PFC Price was killed in action in that attack on 6 Jun 1944.

PFC Price is buried with many of his fellow Stonewallers in the Normandy American Cemetery.

One of his 3 brothers, Hubert Lee Price, also served in the U.S. Army during WW2, rising to the rank of T5.

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