Thursday, June 2, 2016

Soldiers without any biography...

While we are going to have an ongoing project of providing a short biography and photos of soldiers of the 116th (mostly those who died in service) but with veterans of the Great War (World War I) we will have soldiers for whom and about whom we can find no information other than Rank, Name (and not always much of that), and date of death.  If you can help with that we'd be most grateful but of course nobody would know with which soldiers we need help unless we provide a list.  This is that list.  It should go without saying that we will update as we get information on those listed by posting a biography on them or by adding those as we discover them in this project.

PVT Satarino Fabricatose,  D-116th, KIA 8 Oct 1918*
PVT Alexander Pionski, D-116th, DOW, 22 Oct 1918
PVT Giovanni Santo, G-116th, KIA, 9 Oct 1918
PVT John White, L-116th, KIA, 23 Oct 1918

PVT James D. Roberts, B-116th, KIA, 24 Apr 1945

PS - If you have information, feel free to comment on this post which will make that information easy to find.  If you need more genealogical assistance with someone you believe was a soldier in the Stonewall Brigade, i.e. the 116th Infantry Regiment or one of its ancestral units we will be glad to help if we can. Alternatively you can contact us through the 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation web site Contact page.

* New information has come to light and further research is being done to complete a memorial.

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