Thursday, April 6, 2017

CPT Berthier Botts Hawks III

CPT Berthier Botts Hawks III was born 21 Nov 1919 in Elizabeth City County, Virginia (now the city of Hampton) to Berthier Botts and Fannie Prince (Lashley) Hawks.  His father managed a coal grading company, was a salesman of road machinery, and later at the family home place in Totaro in Brunswick county, a farmer. He died in 1943.  CPT Hawks' grandfather, the first Berthier Botts Hawks, was a disabled veteran of E Company 56th Virginia Infantry in the Civil War.

Berthier was enlisted 14 Jun 1938 and rose to the rank of CPL by 2 Feb 1941. He was commissioned a 2LT effective 3 Feb 1941 and was promoted to 1LT effective 25 Jul 1942.  On 2 Jun 1944 he was on duty as Commander, C Company 116th Infantry and so led the unit during the amphibious assault on Omaha beach on 6 Jun 1944, D-Day.  He was injured in action on 10 Jun 1944 and evacuated to the hospital.  He was dropped from rolls and did not return to the Regiment from the replacement depot until 9 Dec 1944 when he was assigned command of I Company 116th Infantry.  He led that unit until killed in action on 6 Apr 1945.  CPT Hawks was awarded the Bronze Star but we have yet to find for what action he received the award. 

CPT Hawks was repatriated and rests forever in the Emporia Cemetery in Emporia, Virginia. 

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