Friday, June 10, 2016

SSG Earnest Blanton Herndon Jr.

courtesy of Frogman
SSG Earnest Blanton Herndon Jr. was born 6 Mar 1916 in Grover, North Carolina to Earnest Blanton and Rena (Bookout) Herndon. The family farmed.

Earnest was likely working as a butcher when he was drafted in August 1941.  After his initial training he was assigned to G Company 116th Infantry.  He prepared for the amphibious assault on Hitler's "fortress Europe" and took part in that action on 6 Jun 1944.  SSG Herndon was killed in action on 10 Jun 1944.

SSG Herndon is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery. Sister Virginia Mabel Herndon was in the Cadet Nursing Corps. Sister Margaret Leah Herndon enlisted in the Women's Army Corp. Brother Warren Rupert Herndon was an army PFC.

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