Friday, June 17, 2016

TSGT Sager Augustus Ream

CPL Sager Ream, likely at Camp Reynolds, PA
TSGT Sager Augustus Ream was born 19 Oct 1913 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was the 7th of 12 children born to Levi Elmer and Minnie Mae (Richmond) Ream. 1 of his siblings died in infancy before he was born and 2 died in 1924. His father, as well as 2 older brothers, worked for the railroad. Sager graduated from Camp Curtin Junior High School and worked for Collins Clothing Store.

Sager was drafted in June 1941. He attended training at Camp Cross, Pennsylvania. Within a year of entering the service he had been promoted to SGT and was at Camp Croft, South Carolina, likely helping train the thousands of new soldiers. He was also stationed at Camp Reynolds, North Carolina and Fort Meade, Maryland before being sent to England in June 1943 and assigned to F Company 116th Infantry. He had already been promoted to TSGT serving as a platoon sergeant in F Company when the invasion of occupied France began on 6 Jun 1944. TSGT Ream was killed in action on 17 Jun 1944.

TSGT Ream now rests forever in the Normandy American Cemetery.

His brother, Arthur Dillard Ream, served as a CPL in the U.S. Army and was wounded several times but survived the war.

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