Saturday, October 22, 2016

PFC Duling M. Angel

PFC Duling M. Angel was born 6 Jun 1922 in Whitley County, Kentucky to Henry Bird and Laura (Harp) Angel.  His father was a railroad repairman.  In 1940, Duling was driving a truck and had reportedly earned $360 in 1939. 

Duling was drafted in November 1942 and was recorded as being married.  The regimental headquarters lost everyone on one of the boats in which it landed on D-Day and on 14 Jun 1944, Duling was one of the necessary replacements reporting for duty with Headquarters 116th Infantry.  On 22 Oct 1944, PFC Angel was wounded and evacuated to hospital where he died that same day. 

Repatriated in 1948, PFC Angel is buried in Highland Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. 

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