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PVT Willard Edgar Kuehner

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PVT Willard Edgar Kuehner was born 26 Jul 1914 in Columbus, Ohio to Edgar and Mabel V. (Reinkens) Kuehner.  His father worked variously as a coal dealer and an accountant. Willard was able to attend college and he married Genevieve Marie Herrick in 1940. Also in 1940, he was working as a bookkeeper for Ohio National Bank in Columbus and reported a 1939 income of $1250.

Willard was drafted in October 1943.  Sent to Europe after basic training, he was transferred from the replacement depot to Headquarters Company 2nd Battalion 116th Infantry on 4 Sep 1944 where he was to serve as a message center clerk. PVT Kuehner was killed in action on 16 Oct 1944. 

PVT Kuehner is buried in Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. Genevieve re-married in 1946, they apparently had no children.

The following is the last letter from Willard before he was killed:
Censor's Stamp - Lt. PL Jones

To: Mrs. Willard E. Kuehner, 1427 Parsons Ave. #5, Columbus 7, Ohio

From: Pvt. W. E. Kuehner 35296314, Hdq Co 2 Bn 116 Inf APO 29 c/o PM New York N.Y.

Oct 11 1944

My Darling,

We just finished a couple of very bad days, being wet and cold and having no place to sleep except a hole in the ground. I'll tell you, Honey, its no fun and if I couldn't have you back there waiting for me I don't think I would dig so deep. It all seems so useless to have to spend the best years of your life living like this. It has been so long since I had a bath that I stink. One bright light to all this is I am getting your mail. Those pictures sure looked natural & I like that perky hat & purse. I enjoyed reading Bill's letter. He has had a lot of the same experiences I am having I guess but at least he has a truck to sleep in. The last two nights I've slept sitting up in the hole expecting water to come in any time. Tonight should be better as we have a new place. I am sorry you are being bothered by the neighbors. I know just the type. I think the best thing to do is to have nothing to do with them at all. This is one of Mom's Vmail. Normally we have plenty but it came in handy this time. Honey you are right about taking it where it should go & the name you couldn't get was Uncle Charlie Reinkens. Honey your letters are a real booster. Your description of us going to a football game sure made me homesick. We had so much fun. I have been in Belgium & Holland and the countries both are nice looking. In Holland we stayed in an orchard and had some of the best apples and it was there I talked to those little kids. There seems to be one Jerry plane come over every night about dark and the fellows call him "Bed Check Charlie". Honey you tell Mabel I witnessed the whole show that her husband was in and I mean we were really glad to see them coming. Honey I suppose I am leaving a lot of questions unanswered but the time that elapses from when I get the letters till when I have a chance to write makes it hard. As you say when I get back a lot of things will be much clearer. The weather has been the worse (sic) thing against us so far this time. I am glad I don't drive a truck. You know me in mud.

All my love,


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