Sunday, October 30, 2016

T5 Henry Herman A. Gossman

T5 Henry Herman A. Gossman was born 22 Nov 1912 in Baltimore, Maryland to Frank M. J. and Margaret M. (Brinkmeyer) Gossman. His father was a carpenter and worked in a lumber mill.  In 1940 Henry was working as an attendant in a department store with a reported 1939 income of $1200.

Henry was still single when drafted in January 1941.  It is possible that he was assigned to L Company 116th Infantry before the regiment was sent to England in September 1942. Henry was part of the amphibious landing force that came ashore at Omaha on 6 Jun 1944.  On 20 Jul 1944 Henry was wounded by shrapnel in his left foot but remained on duty.  T5 Gossman was killed in action on 30 Oct 1944.

T5 Gossman was repatriated in 1947 and rests forever in the Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. 

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