Friday, November 25, 2016

PFC Duke Hopper Rodenhizer Jr.

PFC Duke Hopper Rodenhizer Jr. was born 20 Nov 1917 in Leaksville, North Carolina. He was the youngest of the 4 children born to Duke Hopper and Carolyn Emma (Hamlin) Rodenhizer. His father worked as a farm hand but died in August 1919 of tuberculosis at the age of 35. The younger Duke was not quite 2 years old. His mother told the census taker in 1920 that she had no employment. His mother never re-married and the children went to work to support the family. In 1940 Duke was working as a gas station attendant at Vernon's Service Station and his older brother Millard was working in a furniture plant and they reported 1939 incomes of $450 and $750 respectively. The sons lived with their mother on Claybrook Street in Stoneville, North Carolina in a home they owned valued at $800 in 1940.

Duke was drafted in November 1943 and after completing his military training was sent to the European theater. PVT Rodenhizer was transferred from the replacement depot to G Company 116th Infantry on 22 Jul 1944 where he served as a rifleman. He was promoted to PFC on 24 Jul 1944. PFC Rodenhizer was wounded in the attack on Brest on 5 Sep 1944 and evacuated to hospital. He didn't return to the unit until 13 Nov 1944 when PFC Rodenhizer was again transferred from the replacement depot. PFC Rodenhizer was killed in action on 25 Nov 1944.

PFC Rodenhizer rests forever in the Netherlands American Cemetery.

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