Thursday, November 24, 2016

PVT Samuel F. Heller

PVT Samuel F. Heller was born 13 Mar 1908 in Manhattan, New York to Leo and Rachel "Rae" (Forscher) Heller. For many years he and his mother lived in Manhattan with her parents, Bernard and Sarah (Breiter) Foescher.  Bernard was a furrier.  His mother married Vernon Hannon Creighton, a cotton goods broker, and they had a daughter and for a time Samuel lived with them.  Samuel married Edythe V. Levey 24 Nov 1935.  They had one son.  Samuel worked as a sales clerk to support his family.

In November 1943, Samuel was drafted and after his training was sent overseas.  On 24 Oct 1944 he was transferred from the replacement depot to E Company 116th Infantry.  One month later, on 24 November 1944, PVT Heller was killed in action. 

PVT Heller is buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery

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