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PFC Tony Andrew Molea

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PFC Tony Andrew Molea was born 13 Jan 1923 in Keewatin, Minnesota. Some of his military records give his date of birth as 9 Oct 1921. He was the youngest of the 5 children born to Tony Andrew and Antonette (Bevacqua) Molea. Both parents were natives of Italy. His father worked in the iron mines and as a custodian.

Tony voluntarily enlisted in October 1942. We next see that he was transferred from the replacement depot to B Company 116th Infantry on 13 Jun 1944. Due to the tremendous losses suffered by A Company on 6 Jun 1944 in the Omaha Beach landings, a number of soldiers were "cross-leveled" into A Company from other companies and PVT Molea was one of those soldiers. He was transferred from B Company to A Company on 15 Jun 1944. He fought with A Company until wounded on 22 Jun 1944 when he was evacuated to hospital. He was returned from the replacement depot to A Company on 7 Aug 1944 to serve as a light machinegunner. On 23 Aug 1944 PVT Molea was again transferred, this time to C Company 116th Infantry to serve as a rifleman. He then fought with C Company until wounded on 16 Sep 1944 and evacuated to hospital. PFC Molea returned to C Company from the hospital on 4 Oct 1944. PFC Molea was transferred yet again on 6 Nov 1944 when he returned to A Company 116th Infantry to serve as an ammo bearer. He then fought with A Company until killed in action on 27 Nov 1944.

PFC Molea was repatriated and re-interred in Maple Hill Cemetery in Hibbing, Minnesota.

His only brother, Frank Joseph Molea, also served during the war as a Military Policeman in Fort Mason, California.

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