Saturday, November 26, 2016

PVT Robert Jackson Hugentobler

PVT Robert Jackson Hugentobler was born 16 Jul 1925 in Vevay, Indiana son of Madge May (Day). His name at birth was Robert Jackson Hetisimer although his mother had already divorced and married Robert Knoves Hugentobler with whom the family was living in 1930 and 1940.  "Jack" (as he was known) had 6 siblings and half-siblings. The senior Robert Hugentobler worked for the Indiana highway department and, later, as the sexton of a local cemetery where he made $780 in 1939.  Jack was working as a paper boy and made $40 in 1939.

When he was drafted in September 1943, Jack was working as a gas station attendant. His sister, Irene Hugentobler, died 28 Mar 1944. He was sent to Europe after his basic training and on 19 Jun 1944 transferred from the replacement depot to G Company 116th Infantry to serve as a rifleman.  PVT Hugentobler was wounded for the first time on 16 Jul 1944 and evacuated.  He did not return to the unit from the replacement depot until 29 Oct 1944.  PVT Hugentobler was killed in action on 26 Nov 1944.

We don't know where Jack was buried but he is not currently buried in one of the overseas American cemeteries so we are certain that he was repatriated.  It is likely that he was buried in a cemetery, perhaps the same one at which Robert Hugentobler was sexton, near Miamitown, Ohio where the family lived. 

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