Friday, November 18, 2016

PVT Charles Franklin Laigaie Jr.

courtesy of Des Philippet
PVT Charles Franklin Laigaie Jr. was born in 1907 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Charles Franklin and Alice L. (Reilly) Laigaie.  Known as "Bucky", he was the fifth of the six children in the family.  His father was a salesman of "bottles and glass", a federal civil servant, and a dealer in fruit. Sales ran in the family as "Bucky" also dealt in fruit and brother William was listed in the phone book as a "huckster".  The family moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey before the war.

It was while living in that city that "Bucky" was drafted in August 1943.  After basic training he was sent to Europe and on 24 Oct 1944 was transferred from the replacement depot to E Company 116th Infantry to serve as a rifleman.  PVT Laigaie was killed in action on 18 Nov 1944.

PVT Laigaie rests forever in the Netherlands American Cemetery

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