Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bugler PVT Paul Parson

courtesy of Richard Finch
Bugler PVT Paul Parson was the son of Blanche Richards of Portsmouth, Virginia.

Paul was assigned to Machine Gun Company 116th Infantry and traveled to France with that unit aboard the USS Finland. The ship departed Hoboken, New Jersey on 15 Jun 1918 and arrived at the port of Saint Nazaire, France. The entire regiment went through training in trench warfare before being put in the line. On 8 Oct 1918 the Allies began a major offensive of which the regiment was a part. Sometime in this offensive PVT Parson was wounded.  He died of his wound(s) on 30 Oct 1918.

PVT Parson was repatriated and re-interred in Edgemont Cemetery in Anniston, Alabama. It is unclear as to whether his name is actually "Parson" or "Parsons".

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