Friday, October 26, 2018

PVT Ralph Carelli

PVT Ralph Carelli was born 17 Jan 1892 most likely in Catanzoro, Italy.  We believe he immigrated in 1914.  In 1916 he worked for Goodyear Tire in Akron and by 1918 married to Elizabeth and lived at 74 Furnael Street in Akron, Ohio.  Ralph and Elizabeth had one child.

His record of military assignments is as follows:  37th Company 10th Training Battalion 158th Dep Brigade 4-4-1918 to 4-26-1918; A Company 331st Infantry to 7-2-1918; A Company 332nd Infantry to 7-6-1918; HQ 332nd Infantry to 7-20-1918; Provisional Replacement Battalion to 9-16-1918; HQ Company 116th Infantry to 10-26-1918. He shipped out to France from Montreal, Canada on 5 Jun 1918 aboard the Nanking.

PVT Carelli died on 26 Oct 1918 in France.  He is buried in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery

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