Wednesday, October 24, 2018

CPL Norman James Traylor

courtesy of Darrell Landrum
CPL Norman James Traylor was born in January 1896 in Campbell County, Virginia. He was the 2nd of 6 children born to John William (or Winston) and Ella Lee (Crist) Traylor.

After entering the Army, Norman was assigned to L Company 116th Infantry.  He sailed with that unit for France aboard the USS Finland leaving Hoboken, New Jersey on 15 Jun 1918.  Before departing, Norman married Mary Etna Webb of Campbell County. The ship docked 28 Jun 1918 and the unit was moved to training for trench warfare.  After that the 29th Division including the 116th Infantry was posted in a "quiet" sector.  Then the unit was thrown into an attack and CPL Traylor was killed in action on 24 Oct 1918.

CPL Traylor was repatriated and now rests forever in Spring Hill Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Norman and Mary had no children. Mary re-married after the war and died in 1982. Grandfather, John Winston Traylor, served as a CPL in Shoemaker's Battery during the Civil War. Younger brother, Walton Lee Traylor, served in the US Army, 1942-1945.

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