Monday, October 15, 2018

PVT Floyd Lucas

PVT Floyd Lucas was born near Stanley, Virginia in May 1895, the 2nd child of John William and Viola (McCoy) Lucas.  Viola would die in 1914 and John remarried.  The family farmed.  In 1917, Floyd was working as a laborer for the railroad.

Floyd enlisted in I Company 2nd Virginia Infantry on 11 Jul 1917.  After the unit was mobilized for federal service in Europe it was reorganized as part of I Company 116th Infantry and Floyd trained with the unit at Camp McClellan and traveling to France with the unit aboard the USS Finland. PVT Lucas was killed in action on 15 Oct 1918.

PVT Lucas was repatriated in 1919 and now rests forever in Lucas Cemetery in Lucas Hollow in Stanley, Virginia.

Grandfather, Christian Lucas, served as a PVT in E Company, Virginia 97th Militia Infantry Regiment and H Company 33rd Infantry (also a part of the Stonewall Brigade) in the Civil War.

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