Saturday, October 13, 2018

PVT Thomas Eugene Falwell Jr.

PVT Thomas Eugene Falwell Jr. was born in February 1895 in Lynchburg, Virginia to Thomas E. and Mary Etta (Goode) Falwell. He was the youngest of their 2 children and their only son.  The family farmed.

After entering the Army, Thomas was assigned to L Company 116th Infantry. He went with the unit to France aboard the USS Finland departing Hoboken, New Jersey on 15 Jun 1918. The unit arrived in France on 28 Jun 1918.  After more training in trench warfare, the unit was moved into the line.  At some point PVT Falwell took ill.  He died of disease on 13 Oct 1918. 

PVT Falwell was repatriated and re-interred with family in the Falwell Family Cemetery in Campbell County, Virginia.

The Reverend Jerry Laymond Falwell Jr of Liberty University is a 2nd cousin to Thomas. 

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