Saturday, September 17, 2016

PVT Clyde W. Lee

PVT Clyde W. Lee was born in 1908 in Wichita Falls, Texas.  In 1940 he was living with his wife Frances at 224 Cincinnati Street, El Paso, Texas managing Piedras Cleaners, a dry cleaning plant.  His wife was working as a stenographer.  They reported a combined income for 1939 of $2080 and rented their house for $15 per month. 

Clyde was drafted in June 1942.  He was eventually sent to Europe and may have served in another infantry unit before he was assigned from the replacement depot to F Company 116th Infantry on 5 Sep 1944.  PVT Lee was killed in action on 17 Sep 1944.

PVT Lee is buried in the Brittany American Cemetery.  We believe that by 1948 his wife had re-married because his sister, Eula Mae Lee Huffman, was his next of kin on the interment record. So far as we know the couple had no children.

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