Saturday, September 3, 2016

SSG Carl David Lee

SSG Carl David Lee was born 11 May 1917 in Singers Glen, Virginia to Jesse Ralston and Virgie Grace (Vanpelt) Lee.  The family farmed. In 1940 Carl was working as an attendant at a "filling station" and reported a 1939 income of $240. 

Carl was drafted in May 1941.  On 3 Apr 1942 Carl married Charlotte Lucille Lilly. Assigned to C Company 116th Infantry he participated in all the training in which the regiment participated at Camp Blanding and in England in preparation for the amphibious assault on the French beach code-named "Omaha".  He was with the unit on D-Day and fought with the unit until 7 Jul 1944 when he was evacuated to hospital as a non-battle casualty.  He was returned to the unit and promoted to SSG on 25 Jul 1944.  On 1 Sep 1944 he was wounded by shrapnel in the leg but remained on duty.  SSG Lee was killed in action on  3 Sep 1944.

SSG Lee was repatriated and re-interred in the Singers Glen Cemetery in Singers Glen, Virginia.  Charlotte remarried after the war. Brother Joseph Ralston Lee also served. Brother Jesse Ralston Lee Jr served as an Army SGT during the war.

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