Tuesday, August 30, 2016

PFC John Coolidge Richardson

courtesy of C. Giano
PFC John Coolidge Richardson was born 17 Feb 1924 in Jacksboro, Tennessee. He was the 6th of 9 children born to Lee Roy and Mary Hattie (Gaylor) Richardson. His father farmed on 37 acres in Campbell County raising chickens, cattle and hogs and keeping 2 horses. The 6-room house in which they lived in 1934 had no electricity or running water, and was heated by a fireplace. The family traveled the 20-miles to La Follette, Tennessee about twice a week likely delivering produce, eggs and butter. Older brother Judson worked for the TVA and contributed about $900 annually to the family who lived off what they could produce on the farm. We know this because the family was interviewed in 1934 before being relocated by the Tennessee Valley Authority for the Norris Dam and resulting Norris Lake.

After being drafted, John was sent to England and assigned to K Company 116th Infantry. He trained for and participated in the amphibious attack on D-Day, 6 Jun 1944 at the beach code-named "Omaha". On 18 Aug 1944 he was promoted to PFC. PFC Richardson was killed in action on 30 Aug 1944 as his unit fought in the effort to capture Brest, France.

PFC Richardson rests forever in the Brittany American Cemetery.

Brother Otis Vester Richardson served in U.S. Army 1942-1946, Shields Worth Richardson served in the U.S. Army 1945-1947, Sampson Delano Richardson served in the U.S. Army 1956-1958. Great-grandfather, Herod Overbay, served as a PVT in E Company 2nd Tennessee Infantry (USA) in the Civil War.

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