Saturday, August 27, 2016

PVT Edwin Fredrick Kelley

PVT Edwin Fredrick Kelley was born 10 Mar 1922 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Joseph Hooker and Catherine M. (Mellor) Kelley.  His father was an auto mechanic. In 1940, Edwin was working as a plumber's helper.

Edwin entered military service in December 1942. He and Mary E. Reeves were married 18 Apr 1942 in Philadelphia and they had a son in January 1943.  He was shipped overseas in May 1943. We do not know to what unit(s) he may have been assigned in England, he was not assigned from the replacement depot to C Company 116th Infantry until 10 Jul 1944.  He suffered some sort of non-battle related injury on 24 Jul 1944 and it was serious enough for him to be evacuated and dropped from unit rolls.  He returned to the unit from the hospital on 10 Aug 1944.  PVT Kelley was killed in action on 27 Aug 1944.

PVT Kelley is buried in the Brittany American Cemetery.

Edwin's father served in the first World War as a PVT in the 103rd Engineer Battalion of the 28th Division and was wounded 3 times.  Brother Joseph Samuel Kelley served 1944-1945. Brother Wesley Louis Kelley served from 1944-1946. Mary, his wife, remarried. 

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