Friday, August 26, 2016

PVT Wilbur Steen Pakiser

PVT Wilbur Steen Pakiser was born 10 Sep 1907 in Denver, Colorado. He was the eldest of theh 7 children born to Louis Charles and Lila Edna (Hanson) Pakiser. His father was a carpenter and Wilbur would also take up the trade. Wilbur married Vera Myrtle Cowell on 23 Jun 1928. They would have their only child, Delbert Roy Pakiser in January 1939. Wilbur was working for the U.S. Mint when he registered for the draft in 1942.

Wilbur was not drafted until late 1943 or early 1944. On 11 Aug 1944 he was transferred from the replacement depot to A Company 116th Infantry. PVT Pakiser was killed in action on 26 Aug 1944.

PVT Pakiser rests forever in the Brittany American Cemetery.

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