Friday, August 5, 2016

SSG Thomas Lee Gillespie

SSG Thomas Lee Gillespie was born 15 Dec 1917 in Smyth County, Virginia to George Stephen and Mary Susan (Louthen) Gillespie.  The family farmed to support the family of 7. In 1940 there were only four members of the family still living together and they had reported a 1939 income of $228.  

Thomas was drafted in April 1941.  After attending training he was likely assigned to M Company 116th Infantry before the 116th shipped out for England in September 1942.  He trained with the unit for the amphibious assault on the French beaches and when it took place on 6 Jun 1944 had attained the rank of SGT.  He survived the landing and on 20 Jun 1944 was promoted to SSG.  He was wounded that same day, being struck in the right knee by shrapnel but remained on duty.  SSG Gillespie was killed in action on 5 Aug 1944.

SSG Gillespie was repatriated and buried in the Riverside Church Cemetery in Smyth County, Virginia. 

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