Friday, August 5, 2016

PVT Norman Frederick Hillier

PVT Norman Frederick Hillier was born 9 Apr 1924 in South Bend, Indiana to Joseph Washington and Martha E. (Wilson) Hillier. His father was a boiler maker but had worked in automobile manufacture while living in South Bend.  In 1940 Joseph was hospitalized and Martha worked as a housemaid to support herself and their 2 sons.

Norman was drafted in March 1943.  As you can see from the photo he was assigned to the 8th Armored Division when that photo was taken.  He may very well have been part of the levy of trained privates and PFCs that was taken from the division and sent on to other units in April 1944. On 17 Jul 1944 Norman was transferred from the replacement depot to C Company 116th Infantry as a rifleman.  PVT Hillier was killed in action on 5 Aug 1944 near Vire. 

PVT Hillier is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine, Iowa. His brother Jack William Hillier served from 1944 to 1946.

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