Monday, July 18, 2016

PFC Stephen Albert Kalata

on his wedding day...
PFC Stephen Albert Kalata was born 20 Aug 1918 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania to John and Mary Kalata.  His parents were natives of Czechoslovakia.  His father was a coal miner.  His father died in an apparent mine accident in 1934. In 1940, Stephen was working in road construction and reported a 1939 income of $500. 

Stephen gave his occupation as being a machinist on his marriage license. He married Margaret Janesko on 13 Aug 1942.  They would have a son on 3 Jun 1943.

Stephen was drafted in June 1943.  After his training as a infantryman he was sent to England and assigned to K Company 116th Infantry prior to the D-Day landings on Omaha Beach in which he apparently took part.  On 1 Jul 1944 Stephen was promoted to PFC.  PFC Kalata was killed in action on 18 Jul 1944.

PFC Kalata was repatriated in 1948.  He was buried in the Visitation Parish Cemetery in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Brother, Joseph John Kalata also served in the Army during the war as a CPL in the 706 Anti-Aircraft Machinegun Battery. Margaret did re-marry after the war.  Their son became a successful dentist. 

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