Monday, July 18, 2016

PVT Joseph G. Hemak

courtesy of Bessie Savery
PVT Joseph G. Hemak was born in 1912 in Mayfield, Pennsylvania to Paul and Antoinette L. (Musial) Hemak.  Both parents had immigrated from Poland/Galicia. His father was a coal miner and died before 1940.

Joseph was likely mining in September 1943 when he was drafted. After his initial training, Joseph was sent to Europe and the inevitable replacement depot.  He was transferred to D Company 116th Infantry on 15 Jul 1944.  PVT Hemak was wounded on 17 Jul 1944 and died of his wound(s) on 18 Jul 1944.

PVT Hemak is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery. Brother John Joseph Hemak attained the rank of SGT during the war and Frank Stanley Hemak was an MSG.

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