Monday, July 18, 2016

PVT Horace V. Florio

courtesy of Bessie Savery
PVT Horace V. Florio was born 6 Jul 1926 in West Warwick, Rhode Island to John and Anna Marie (De Palma) Florio. "Mary" was his father's second wife and Horace had 8 half-siblings.  Both of his parents were Italian immigrants. His father and several half-brothers worked at a cotton mill.

Horace had only one year of high school when he was drafted in September 1943.  Horace was transferred from the replacement depot to L Company 116th Infantry on 15 Jul 1944.  He was killed in action just 4 days later on 18 Jul 1944.

PVT Florio is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery.

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