Saturday, July 16, 2016

PFC Charles Emmet Cottrell

PFC Charles Emmet Cottrell was born 12 Aug 1902 in Jersey City, New Jersey to George W and Irene Brandage. He had 4 years of college, was 5' 8" tall, weighed 133 lbs and worked as some sort of inspector.  In addition to 2 other siblings. Charles had a twin sister, Alice Brandage Cottrell, who was a nurse. 

Charles volunteered in September 1942.  On 28 Jun 1944 he was assigned to K Company 116th Infantry.  It is more than likely that he had been assigned to other infantry units before that.  PFC Cottrell was killed in action on 16 Jul 1944.

PFC Cottrell is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery.  It was Alice who was the family member in contact with the military.  It is possible that Alice and older sister Irene visited Charles' grave in 1948 as they departed Cherbourg aboard the SS Queen Elizabeth on 9 Jun 1948. 

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