Saturday, July 16, 2016

PVT Louis G. Reis

PVT Louis G. Reis was born 11 Oct 1915 most likely in Bristol County, Massachusetts. His parents were most likely natives of Portugal. About 1940 he married Victoria and lived at 30 Juniper Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The house had been built in 1891 and still stands today. Louis worked as a "doffer" in a textile factory while Victoria worked as a stitcher. Together they had a 1939 income of $854 while paying rent of $16 a month.

Louis was drafted in December 1943. After his basic military training he was transferred from the replacement depot to B Company 116th Infantry on 11 Aug 1944. PVT Reis was killed in action on 27 Aug 1944.

PVT Reis was repatriated in 1948, returned aboard the USAT Greenville, and re-interred in the Saint Johns Cemetery in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Victoria was still living at 30 Juniper Street as late as 1949.

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