Thursday, December 1, 2016

PFC Francis Neal DeWitt

PFC Francis Neal DeWitt was born 10 Dec 1924 in Anderson, Indiana to Lester Anderson and Martha Ellen (Hasitt) DeWitt.  A note on spelling of the family name.  It is common to spell this and other such names different ways depending on the person recording the name and DeWitt appears as "de Witt", "De Witt", and "Dewitt". 

Neal attended Alexandria-Monroe High School graduating in 1943. 

He was drafted in July 1943 and on 9 Sep 1944 assigned to A Company 116th Infantry.  Neal (that's what his family called him) was promoted to PFC on 21 Sep 1944.  According to the morning report he was thought to be missing in action 19-29 Oct 1944.  PFC DeWitt was killed 1 Dec 1944. 

PFC DeWitt rests forever in the New Albany National Cemetery in New Albany, Indiana.  

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