Saturday, December 3, 2016

PVT Ross Phillips Eldredge

PVT Ross Phillips Eldredge was born 27 Jan 1908 in Preston, Idaho to Horace and Hannah Annora (Phillips) Eldredge.  His father farmed. Ross married Ruby Lavina Hayward on 17 Nov 1928.  In 1930, father and son worked as laborers. In 1940, Ross and Ruby were living with her parents and they reported a combined income of $1006 for 1939. 

Ross was drafted in March 1944.  He had been working for a food packer so that might be one reason he was drafted relatively late in the war.  Trained and sent overseas, he was assigned to B Company on 10 Oct 1944.  He was injured on 29 Oct 1944 seriously enough to be sent to the hospital and not return to the unit until 29 Nov 1944.  PVT Eldredge was killed in action on 3 Dec 1944.

PVT Eldredge is buried in the Dayton Cemetery in Dayton, Idaho. He and Ruby had no children. Ruby remarried. 

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