Saturday, December 3, 2016

PVT Harold Beck

PVT Harold Beck was born 23 Sep 1925 in New York City to Milton and Esther (Spector) Beck.  Harold was their only child.  Milton was a clerk for the US Postal Service. 

Harold was drafted in November 1943.  It appears that he was assigned to B Company 116th Infantry before D-Day and survived uninjured until 14 Sep 1944 when he went to hospital.  He returned to B Company on 15 Nov 1944.  Originally thought to be missing in action he was found to have been killed in action on 3 Dec 1944. 

PVT Beck's body was repatriated and he is buried in the Long Island National Cemetery

Milton Beck had served in WWI as a Corporal in C Company 137th Engineers and is also buried in the Long Island National Cemetery.

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