Saturday, December 3, 2016

SSG Amos Ryland Buchanan

SSG Amos Ryland Buchanan was born in Mecklenberg County, Virginia in 1920.

Amos was a member of the Chase City National Guard unit when it was federalized on 3 Feb 1944.  Assigned to E Company 116th Infantry at the time of the D-Day amphibious assault on the beaches of Normandy, France,  he was wounded by shrapnel in his right leg on 30 Jun 1944 but remained on duty.  On 18 Jul 1944 he was promoted to SSG and on the same day was sent to hospital with a non-battle injury.  On 26 Jul 1944 he returned to the unit.  On 4 Aug 1944 he was wounded again and sent back to the hospital. We don't know when he was returned to the unit but he was with the unit when killed in action on 3 Dec 1944.

SSG Buchanan is buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery.

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